Lee County, Virginia









            At the request of the applicant, Galaxy Land Company, the Lee County Board of Supervisors will postpone the public hearing for the proposed rezoning of property in the Dryden area to Agricultural with a Resource Overlay which would allow the extraction of rock from the property.  The public hearing was originally planned for the April Regular Meeting of the Board but will now be held at the May Regular Meeting.  No action can be taken on this matter until the Board of Supervisors conducts a duly advertised public hearing to obtain public comment on the proposed rezoning.  Minutes of the Planning Commission public hearing regarding this matter will be submitted to the Board of the Supervisors for their review.  During the public hearing before the Board of Supervisors, additional comments will be accepted from the public prior to any decision by the Board.







Effective November 1, 2014, the Lee County Board of Supervisors has reinstated a $25.00 bounty on female coyotes killed in Lee County.  Only Lee County residents or property owners are eligible to collect the bounty.  All carcasses must be submitted to the Lee County Animal Control office for verification.  Payment of the bounty is subject to available funding.




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