Department of Building Safety / Inspection


Lee County Courthouse
2nd Floor, Room 206
P.O. Box 367
Jonesville, VA 24263

Tom Bush
Building Code Official


Cathy Wilder, Secretary

Office hours: 
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday
Phone (276) 346-7715


When do you need a building permit?

A building permit is required for any new construction, addition, or major renovation within the County, including but not limited to:



If you are still unsure if you need a building permit, please contact the office.


The following forms may be filled out on your computer, however you must bring a printed copy to the office of the Building Inspector in order to file for a permit.

Application to Build, Alter or Remove (pdf)

Application for Removal, Installation or Closure of U.S.T. or Above Ground Storage Tank (pdf)

Application for Manufactured Home (pdf)

Manufactured Home Check List


Application for Demolition Permit


Application for Electrical Permit


Application for Mechanical, HVAC, Gas Logs & Heaters


Application for Sign Permit


Application for Plumbing Permit


Affidavit- General


Affidavit - Tradesman Certification



Singlewide Manufactured Home $75.00
Doublewide Manufactured Home $150.00
Building Fee  *Includes Garages, Carports, Deck $.10 Per Sq. Ft ($35.00 Min.)
Unfinished Basements / Storage Buildings $.03 Per Sq. Ft ($35.00 Min.)
Electrical Fee $35.00
Plumbing Fee $35.00
Mechanical Fee  *Includes HVAC, Gas Logs, Heaters $25.00 each appliance
Certificate of Occupancy $15.00
Change of Occupancy $25.00
Sprinkler Fee $.05 Per Sq. Foot
Generators $60.00
Moved Building $30.00
Building Fee $.15 Per Sq. Ft ($50.00 Min.)
Plumbing Fee $50.00
Mechanical Fee  *Includes HVAC, Gas Logs, Heaters $.008 Per Sq. Ft ($45.00 Min.)
Commercial Kitchen Hoods $80.00
Certificate of Occupancy $35.00
Change of Occupancy $35.00
Sprinkler Fee $.05 Per Sq Foot
Generators / Solar PV Systems $70.00
100 amp 1 phase $25.00
100 amp 3 phase $30.00
200 amp 1 phase $50.00
200 amp 3 phase $75.00
400 to 600 any $125.00
Above 600 $200.00
Structure Fee      (Tanks, Towers, Utility, Etc.) $5.00 per Thousand $50 Min.
Land Disturbing Permit Fee $30 plus $1,000 per acre bond
Flood Plain Developing Permit $2 per acre ($50 Min $100 Max)
Private  $50.00
Public  $100.00
Residential  $50.00
Commercial $100.00
Up to 100 Sq. Feet $25.00
100 to 200 Sq. Feet $50.00
Above 200 Sq. Feet $100.00


- Contractor's License Tax will apply if value of work is $100,000.00 or more. Tax rate for contractors tax is .0016 per $100.00. Contractor's Tax must be paid prior to any permits being issued.

- All Building Permits Require a 2% State Surcharge





Checklist for installation of small rooftop solar PV.


1)      Residential, grid-tied, solar photovoltaic systems utilizing roof mounted, ground mounted, or pole mounted arrays will be covered by an electrical permit. Other types of solar systems, such as solar thermal systems and/or commercial solar photovoltaic systems will require a separate permit.
2)      The Owner or the Owner’s agent must complete all required applications and contracts and obtain all required approvals from the local electrical power company prior to applying for an electrical permit.
3)      For solar photovoltaic systems to be installed on existing roofs, the Owner must have the roof structure checked by a structural engineer or architect to determine if the roof structure can handle the additional weight. A letter of certification from the engineer or architect will be required prior to issuance of a permit
4)      The photovoltaic system must be either a complete, packaged system with matching components or an engineered system. An electrical drawing for the photovoltaic system and literature on components must be submitted for approval before the permit will be issued.
5)      Standby generators will require a separate permit.