Litter Control and Recycling




Litter Control Coordinator



Office Hours:

Mon. - Fri 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


Office located at the

Animal Pound


P.O. Box 367
Jonesville, VA 24263

Phone: 276-346-7702
Fax: 276-346-4659


Welcome to the Lee County Litter Control and Recycling information page. This page is designed to give you an idea of what Lee County is doing to address Litter and Recycling issues in our county. It should also provide you with ways in which you can help these efforts everyday.


Local Events



How YOU Can Keep Lee County Beautiful:

We as Lee county citizens have inherited such a beautiful piece of this world. We are blessed with glorious mountains, rolling hills, deep green valleys, and streams that are second to none in beauty. It is our duty as citizens of this county to help maintain what we have been given. Below is a list of ways that an everyday citizen can help Keep Lee County Beautiful:


  • Do NOT Litter: If you would like a free litter bag to put inside your vehicle please contact the Litter Control Office
  • Keep your property free of litter and clutter: Old cars, washers, dryers, garbage, scrap metal, and much more can be considered as litter (many of these items can be sold at local scrap yards)
  • Volunteer: Call the Litter Control Office to ask about ways you can volunteer and get involved
  • Report Illegal Dumping and Heavy Littered Roads: This will help the Litter Office identify locations that need to be cleaned

We recently performed a clean up at

Take ALL solid waste (building debris, tree trimmings, etc.) that is not household garbage to the transfer station located in Jonesville. Their prices are reasonable:

  • General Waste: $37.50 per ton
  • Tires: $60.00 per ton
  • Metal: FREE


Convenience Centers (dumpsters) are located throughout the county and they take Household Garbage, White Goods (metal), mattresses, and couches. They are free for use by Lee County Residents!



Litter Control Programs


Lee County Assign-A-Highway Program


  • Probationers are assigned a 1 mile stretch of highway that they must clean once every two weeks
  • As of May 1, 2009 Lee County had 120 participants


Community Service Program


  • The Litter Office receives Community Services workers through the Court System.



Due to poor market conditions for recycled products, the recycling program has been suspended infedinitely.




This site is designed for County residents and visitors to use for informational purposes. If there is any information not contained in this website, that you feel may be helpful to Lee County residents, please let us know.